Partial and complete dentures options to rebuild your smile, restore your quality of life in Maryville, TN

The satisfaction you get from your dentures depends on how well they fit and how well you take care of them. As partners in your oral health, Proffitt Dentistry in Maryville, TN, works closely with you to ensure that your dentures fit your mouth flawlessly. We will also work with you to guarantee that your dentures and partial dentures continue to fit well and, in turn, look great and function in an efficient, healthy, and comfortable manner. 

The “basics”

Patients who miss several or many of their teeth or have many damaged teeth that need to be extracted may be candidates for partial dentures (“partials”). These appliances replicate the appearance and structure of missing or extracted teeth and gum tissue. They are stabilized in the mouth by way of remaining teeth; the denture itself is designed with connectors placed on existing, healthy teeth. 

Patients who miss all of their teeth in an upper or lower arch (jaw) or expect all of their teeth in at least one arch to be extracted are candidates for full or complete dentures. These oral appliances replicate gum tissue and the entire set of upper or lower teeth. The denture framework conforms to natural tissues. So, the stability of your denture depends significantly on how well it fits. 

Still, other types of dentures are supported by implants. Dental implants are strategically placed in the jaw. The implant is made from a material that naturally and safely joins the jaw’s surrounding bone. Once bound to the bone, it can function as a tooth root. The idea is to use as few implants as possible to support as many overlying teeth as possible. The implants then hold the denture in place for stability. 


You are not on your own after the denture is made and placed. We recommend that you contact us with any questions you may have about caring for your denture. We will also provide details on ways to adjust to life with dentures, such as quickly learning to speak and eat with them. Additionally, we can recommend products that enhance your comfort and make it easy to keep the dentures clean and healthy. 

It is necessary to keep up with ongoing follow-up appointments. We will ensure the denture fits well and make adjustments and repairs as needed. Today’s advanced techniques support your long-term health and well-being – these are not your parent’s and grandparent’s dentures! Contact us at (865) 432-0804 today to schedule your appointment and to find out more about your options for tooth replacement.