When tooth extractions are necessary, they are nothing to fear at your Maryville, TN, dentist’s office

Around three of every 10 Tennesseans rate their oral health as “fair” or “poor.” Just as many of our fellow neighbors also say, they avoid smiling due to the condition of their teeth and mouths. It does not have to be this way. At Proffitt Dentistry in Maryville, TN, we look forward to working with you to resolve painful, embarrassing conditions in a non-judgmental, comfortable, and prompt manner. 

When tooth extractions are necessary

We pride ourselves on forming lifelong relationships with our patients. Periodic visits to our office for professional cleanings and exams prevent many conditions that ultimately lead to tooth loss; notably, tooth decay and periodontal (gum) disease. We also use precision technologies to detect problems like enamel erosion and early-stage decay proactively. Generally, the earlier we can detect and intervene with the problem, the greater the odds that we can successfully and non-traumatically resolve the issue at hand. The idea is to preserve the best tooth material: the organic tissue that developed with you.

If it’s been a while since you have seen the dentist, or if conditions such as gum disease have progressed quickly due to factors like comorbidities, we encourage you to contact us immediately. We can recommend techniques or procedures to ease pain and restore the tooth to health conservatively and promptly. If damage is irreparable with more conservative methods and the tooth cannot be “saved,” we may recommend extraction. While it sounds scary, extractions are often relatively straightforward: 

  • “Simple” extraction – A tooth intact above the gum line may be loosened and then lifted from its socket. 
  • Surgical extraction – A broken or impacted (trapped tooth) may be accessed through incisions and removed. Wisdom teeth are a typical example of surgical extractions. 

Regardless of the type of extraction techniques that we must use, every effort is made to minimize discomfort. You won’t feel anything! We will discuss anesthetic and sedative options for utmost comfort before treatment. Except for wisdom teeth (a “vestigial” organ that is not necessary for health and proper function), we will want to discuss options for tooth replacement from the start. It is essential to replace missing teeth quickly to avoid devastating bone loss. Also, please do not wait for the pain to arise before you contact us. You can avoid emergency extractions with hassle-free preventive visits upfront. Contact us today at (865) 432-0804 to schedule yours.