5-plus ways athletic mouthguards can save you money; protect oral and overall health in Maryville, TN

Advancements in dental materials and our understanding of oral and related conditions have led to an entirely new category of preventive services available at the dentist’s office: oral appliance therapy. At Proffitt Dentistry, we are privileged to offer so many different appliances, which are conservative yet effective ways to protect the teeth from damage caused by everything from bruxism (teeth grinding) to sports injuries. Athletic mouthguards customized at our office in Maryville, TN, also present a precise and durable alternative to “universal-fit” sports mouthguards to protect the jaws and other parts of the head from blows or other injuries throughout competitive or recreational play.

Sink into customized sports guards

Yes, you or your child’s team can opt for one-size-fits-all (which means one-size-fits-no-one!) or boil and bite appliances that are designed to conform to the mouth’s contours after a particular plastic is placed in hot water and softened. At best, these guards fit imprecisely. When they are not designed to your mouth’s specifications, they do not feel comfortable. They may even interfere with your ability to breathe correctly, which certainly impacts your endurance and performance. Moreover, these “for all” systems cannot adequately protect your teeth, gums, lips, tongue, face, head, and jaws from injury. What “good” is a sports guard that does not “do” its job to protect oral tissues? 

When you consider the cost and trauma resulting from sports-related accidents, it is easy to see the exceptional value of dentist-designed and -fitted guards. 

At Proffitt Dentistry, we will design the mouthguard from an impression or model of your mouth. So, this appliance will slip right over your teeth comfortably yet snugly. It won’t slip or fall out of your mouth or be uncomfortable and interfere with healthy respiration while running, jumping, or otherwise winning! Patients and their families also appreciate that our sports guards are:

  • Durable, withstand all you put them through on the field, court, or rink
  • Easy to care for 
  • Discreet; people can understand you when they’re in
  • Compact
  • Help to limit head movement, which is linked to less severe concussions

You also benefit from our ongoing guidance. During routine visits, Dr. Proffitt will assure that your guard is in top condition. Do not wait until after a costly and traumatic injury arises to seek protective care. Contact us today at (865) 432-0804 to schedule your appointment; we proudly serve East Tennessee — Knoxville, Gatlinburg, Seymour, Tellico, Alcoa, Vonore, Lenoir City, Madisonville, and the surrounding area.