Clear aligner treatment in Maryville, TN: Comfortable orthodontics to restore healthy bite, alignment

When your upper teeth overlap ever so slightly, and your upper and lower teeth make contact with each other when you close your mouth, you have a healthy “bite.” However, many people are not that fortunate. Often, at Proffitt Dentistry in Maryville, TN, we see patients whose upper teeth may overlap more substantially, or their lower teeth may jut out. We can correct these and other forms of misalignment with modern orthodontics known as clear aligner systems. Dr. Proffitt uses clear aligner therapy as a discreet, comfortable, removable alternative to conventional fixed braces made with silver-colored metal wires and brackets. 

The “straight talk”

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment has involved moving teeth into proper positions with brackets and wires that apply consistent pressure on the teeth. Clear aligner therapy uses similar principles to reposition teeth; however, instead of brackets and wires that your dentist or orthodontist can only remove, this approach uses removable appliances called “aligners” to move teeth. The aligners themselves are made from a non-toxic and smooth plastic. The plastic is transparent. So, all others see are your teeth peeking through. There is no silver “metal mouth.” Adults and teens alike appreciate that these aligners are not noticeable in their mouths. 

Their design also supports a comfortable and stress-free treatment experience. You can easily slide the aligner into your mouth and take it out for eating and cleaning. These features make it easy for patients to adjust to treatment and to eat what they like, and brush and floss their teeth well throughout the process. Simply wear each aligner for the advised time each day (at least 22 hours) and wear the aligners in the correct order. 

In summary, there are many advantages to clear aligner therapy over braces: 

  • The aligners are nearly invisible
  • Aligners can be removed
  • Aligners require little to no adjustment period
  • There are no wires or other elements to get in the way of good brushing and flossing 
  • Removable aligners don’t trap sticky foods (like braces)
  • Aligners are smooth; so, they don’t irritate the mouth
  • Treatment can be completed in around one to two years (depending on factors like your health and physiology)

Contact us today at (865) 432-0804 to determine if clear aligner therapy is the best way to correct crooked, crowded, and misaligned teeth. During your consultation, we can use specialized software to create a 3-dimensional model of your mouth. Using this model, we can walk you through exactly how your teeth will move throughout treatment. This model also serves as the source for your aligners.