Sink your teeth into 3-plus benefits of composite fillings in Maryville, TN.

Like the natural wonders surrounding Maryville, TN, Greater Knoxville, and East Tennessee, your smile represents a natural wonder. Our teeth, gums, and other oral structures are designed to function fluidly, comfortably, and durably in a way that supports overall health, well-being, and the self-confidence that often accompanies an attractive smile! We at Proffitt Dentistry work closely with patients to keep their teeth and gums looking, feeling, and functioning great. But, should your needs change and oral hygiene modifications not resolve decay adequately, Dr. Proffitt may recommend biomimetic dental fillings technique using toothlike composite resin material.

The beautiful benefits of composite fillings 

Dr. Proffitt practices “biomimetic” dentistry. This approach focuses on resolving oral conditions in a way that best “mimics” biological or natural tissues. Composite resin is a great fit within a biomimetic protocol because it is: 

  • Biocompatible – Materials such as composite resin are tissue-friendly. They do not pose adverse risks to patients with allergies or sensitivities to other dental materials; for instance, amalgams are made from a combination of metals. 
  • Tooth-like – The resin is formulated with glasslike particles, which best mimic the appearance of natural tooth enamel down to how the light bounces off the tooth’s surface. Furthermore, the composite is perfectly matched to the color of the surrounding tooth structure and teeth. So, it blends in seamlessly and naturally with the rest of your smile. 
  • Conservative – There are many advantages to conservative dental treatments, such as composite fillings. For one, a minimal amount of natural, healthy tooth structure is altered or removed. This characteristic helps to preserve as much of the natural tooth as possible. A tooth that is only slightly altered gets optimal support from the surrounding natural structure. A well-supported tooth is designed to last (with proper oral care, of course).

As referenced, composite fillings are placed in the mouth using a conservative technique. They are direct restorations, which means the resin is placed directly inside the “prepared” (decay-free) tooth. Dr. Proffitt applies the resin in small increments. Each increment is hardened before the next one is placed, which reinforces the strength of the treated tooth. Minor refinements are made, and the tooth is polished to its most brilliant luster! Composite fillings may be appropriate to treat modestly sized cavities. Fillings are generally not recommended to treat large cavities because the tooth does not have adequate support to retain its structural integrity. It may “fail” early and require more extensive restorative treatment. 

Contact us today to discuss your options for treatment, which may range from preventive services to remineralize teeth, to dental restorations such as partial crowns and full-coverage porcelain crowns.