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Jan 31

If Dr. William F. Proffitt, Jr of Proffitt Dentistry advises you of a cavity in your smile, taking action is critical. The first step is understanding what tooth decay is and how it affects oral health. When you work with our team in Maryville, Tennessee, we will provide you with all the information and services […]

Mar 17

Tooth-colored composite resin fillings are today’s alternative to traditional silver amalgam fillings for cavities. Composite fillings are strong, enduring, and discreet due to their tooth-colored appearance, which blends in with your natural teeth. If you’re not keen on flashing a mouth full of metal every time you smile, composite fillings from Proffitt Dentistry in Maryville, Tennessee, could be the […]

Jun 13

Dr. William F. Proffitt of Maryville, Tennessee is a local dentist who is pleased to offer cosmetic and restorative dentistry procedures to help repair the smile when needed. Many patients visit Dr. Proffitt for the treatment of cavities, in which he makes use of a material called dental bonding. This material is actually a composite […]

Feb 02

Tooth fillings are helpful tools in maintaining healthy teeth. They restore the strength and integrity of your teeth in a way silver fillings can’t, while helping to prevent reinfection of bacteria and decay. However, while they function wonderfully, traditional silver fillings are not very attractive to look at and are quite noticeable. This is why […]

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